Employee benefits benchmarking for consultants, HR professionals, and employers

Differentiating our partners from the competition

A new approach to benchmarking

As a leader in big data and employee benefits, our proprietary analytics platform delivers a combination of features unparalleled in the marketplace.

On-Demand Access

Providing online access to interactive benchmarking software

Cost-Effective Solution

Delivering unlimited reports for a one-time, annual fee

Custom Branding

Operating as an extension of your consulting team

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Innovating solutions to HR's most important benefits issues

Real-Time Data

Covering active 2017 employee benefit plans, refreshed daily

No Conflict of Interest

Marketing only to brokers, HR consultants, and investors

Diversified Results

Analyzing multiple plans including dental, vision and ancillary

Excellent Customer Service

Reinforcing our platform with top-notch support (if you need it)

The bnchmrk Story

The bnchmrk technology platform was developed in 2015 by Andrew Kimmel. The objective was to level the information technology playing field between employee benefits and other core business functions through the creation of world-class benchmarking analytics.

While serving as Director of Analytics for a national employee benefits brokerage firm, Andrew was responsible for advising and assisting employers in managing the costs of their health and welfare programs. Competitive market analysis was essential; however, finding actionable benchmarking reports was growing increasingly difficult. The available data was quickly outdated, limited in sample size, inherently biased, and often posed to be a conflict of interest. Many professional service industries along with the employee benefits field share these issues, but have been slow to incorporate cutting edge IT practices into their consulting models.

A passion for big data problem solving led Andrew to pursue a career in the field of business intelligence consulting following his tenure at the national brokerage firm. Quickly recognizing the inherent value of cross applications of current sales and marketing techniques, an innovative approach to collecting, processing and storing benefits data was formulated. This breakthrough gave rise to very successful outcomes, ultimately leading to the development of the bnchmrk proprietary analytics platform.